We provide the Complete Solution

Design, implementation, construction, commissioning, certification, maintenance (both active and preventative), scheduled repairs and breakdowns. Our services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of an electrical installation.

We have a saying… “simplifying the understanding of our services” – “ If it has wires on it, we can do it”

This statement may appear somewhat over reaching, but it rings true to the core. Our services include all aspects from the point of supply to the point of consumption. Our services makes provision for temporary, new and existing installations, extensions and alterations. In all types of installations, industrial, commercial, common area for multiple users, specialized hazardous locations and domestic. 

Fields of expertise

We service a wide variety of industries, to mention a few but not limited to these they operate in the following sectors.

Industrial, Commercial, Hazardous, Specialised and Domestic Electrical Installations.


Paper Making

Cellular Communications


Corrugated Box Making

Salt Works

Tyre Manufacturing & Remoulding

Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing

Galvanizing Plants

Automotive Component Manufacturers

Plastic Injection Manufacturing

Recycling Metal, Paper, Plastic & Glass

Wool Industry


Steam Generation


Clothing Manufacturing


"If it has wires, we can do it!"

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