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General Services

Our services include all general electrical installations, breakdowns and repairs to residential, commercial and industrial installations.

Specialised Services

Our team of live wires are skilled in industrial automation, power analysis and hazardous electrical installations.

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Design, implementation, construction, commissioning, certification, maintenance (both active and preventative), scheduled repairs and breakdowns. Our services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of an electrical installation.

We have a saying… “simplifying the understanding of our services” – “If it has wires on it, we can do it”

This statement may appear somewhat over reaching, but it rings true to the core. Our services include all aspects from the point of supply to the point of consumption. Our services makes provision for temporary, new and existing installations, extensions and alterations.

In all types of installations, industrial, commercial, common area for multiple users, specialized hazardous locations and domestic.

Meet The Team

The company has a current power factor of 18 and is progressively expanding in both staff complement and skill level. To stay abreast of an ever evolving industry, continuous training is key. Bay Electrical is proud to have been selected to participate in a 4 year apprentice training pilot project in association with the ECASA.

Our team

Ti-Jean Nabal

Main Live Wire

Managing member and hands on business owner.

Tinus van Wyk


Nick Sutton

operational foreman

Laura Nabal

accounts manager

Bruce Smith

HR / SHE Officer / training

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  • +27 41 371 2456
  • +27 82 413 4541
  • +27 86 660 7634

General Services

  • Main Incoming and Distribution Transformers and Switch Gear
  • Main and Sub Distribution Boards of various voltages
  • Earthing Systems
  • Power Distribution and Wiring Methods
  • Wire Ways
  • Cable Reticulation
  • Lightning
  • Machine Installations

Specialised Services

  • Automation Systems
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Harmonic Distortion Mitigation
  • Generator and Alternative Supplies
  • Power Analysing
  • Area Classifications
  • Hazardous Electrical Installations